Our Classes
  • Developmental Programs

    Let Little Scholars Early Learning Center in Lake County, Ohio, increase your child's educational skills with state aligned developmental programs.
  • We provided four programs for children each aged 18 months to 12 years of age.

  • The curriculum-based learning at our learning center focuses on your child’s uniqueness and interests. Hands-on experiences and exploration is encouraged so your child has the opportunity to develop their interests at their own pace. Our programs and curriculum consists of the following:

    • Infants
      • 6 wks-18 Mos.
      • 5 to 1
        Class Ratio
    • Toddlers
      • 18-36 Mos.
      • 7 to 1
        Class Ratio
    • Preschool
      • 3-4 yrs.
      • 10 to 1
        Class Ratio
    • Pre-Kindergarten
      • 4-5 yrs.
      • 12 to 1
        Class Ratio
    • School Age
      • 5-12 yrs.
      • 16 to 1
        Class Ratio
  • Influencing how children view the world, relate to others, and succeed as learners.

    • Comprehensive Curriculum emphasizing individual needs
    • Objectives for children’s development and learning
    • Individual attention with focus on leaning goals
    • Daily routines emphasizing consistency in care
    • Positive learning environment for children
    • Child observation and assessment tools
    • Opportunities for positive social interaction
  • How do children obtain a lifetime of curiosity and learning?

    Through years of early childhood research, the Creative Curriculum has developed a set of learning objectives that set a foundation for each child’s development and learning.

    How do children best learn the Creative Curriculum objectives?

    Children learn best through play experiences. The Creative Curriculum emphasizes daily experiences that allow children to both learn and play at the same time.

    How do we know if the children are learning these objectives?

    The children’s learning goals are evaluated through observations and assessments that identify specific experiences that show what learning objectives have been met.

    How do we communicate your child’s progress to you?

    A combination of one-on-one parent/teacher communication as well as daily reporting through various technologies allow us to keep families up to date on their child’s progress.

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